About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Chris Callison-Burch is my advisor. My research area is Computational Linguistics, or Natural Language Processing (NLP). Specifically, I have great passion towards the subarea Machine Translation, especially the topic of domain adaptation. My research involves many interesting topics in NLP, such as hierarchical text clustering, building machine translation models, exploration of parallel translation from comparable corpora, etc.

Currently, I have been doing a project that aims to cluster adjectives from Paraphrase Database (PPDB). Many of the adjectives can be lined up on a scale and get scored, so we call them scalar adjectives. Clustering and getting measurement of scalar adjectives are beneficial from many aspects. For example, it could help with the semantic understanding of sentences and contributes to other NLP topics like Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. During the experiments, we collected valuable data for evaluation with Crowdsourcing, which is also an interesting and an emerging field. And it is always a nice and practical tool that can help acquire good research data.


University of Pennsylvania (Current, Ph.D. Student)

  • Major: Computer & Information Science (3.84/4.00)
  • Research area: Natural Language Processing
  • Advisor: Chris Callison-Burch

Columbia University (Feb. 2016, Master of Science)

Beijing University of Technology (Jul. 2013, Bachelor of Science)

  • Major: Computer Science (3.93/4.00)
  • Advisor: Yongping Du

Work Experience

Google Inc.

May 2018 – Aug. 2018, Software Engineering Intern
  • Team: Google Local Services phone team of Google Ads Search.
  • Stack: Dialogflow, Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, NodeJS, Java, protocol buffer, RPC.
  • Accomplishment:

    ✔  Designed and implemented conversation flow for an automatic phone operator prototype.
    ✔  Deployed and integrated conversation into actual phone call stream; finished E2E tests within very limited amount of time.
    ✔  Built an intermediate proxy server that allows information exchange between external and internal servers.

Google Inc.

Jun. 2017 – Aug. 2017, Software Engineering Intern
  • Team: Technical Infrastructure and data centers supply chain.
  • Stack: Java, protocol buffer, RPC, Spanner database, Guice, AngularJS.
  • Accomplishment:

    ✔  Designed and developed email notification feature for demand inventory availability despite platform’s complex logistics.
    ✔  Conducted unit tests with ~100% test coverage; ran E2E tests before deployment.
    ✔  Managed to get the feature launched into production within only 12 weeks by the end of the internship.

Columbia University

Mar. 2016 – May 2016, Research Assistant
  • Project: Conducted visualization, animation, and analysis of NASA air drifting data for study of air pollution effects.

Agricultural Bank of China

Jan. 2015, Data Analyst Intern
  • Project: Record-level Loss Detection for Bank Transaction Data written in Java MapReduce (Hadoop 1.x).


Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania

Undergrad Mentoring at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Women in Computer Science / NLP research, Spring 2019